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Our vision is to live in a a fossil-fuel free society.

Our mission is to contribute with positive environmental impact by being one of the top by-products providers for the European bio-energy industry.

B.E.E. AB was established in 2018 in Alexandria, Egypt as a joint ventures between industry leaders, in order to establish a new global hub for the collection and trade of Biofuels.

The know-how inherited by its founding partners is vast and interdisciplinary,  making B.E.E. AB one of the strongest players in this industry in the Southern Mediterranean region.

B.E.E and B.E.S. networks' include 12 global suppliers from China, Kuwait and Egypt holding the International Sustainability & Carbon System (ISCC-EU) certification. Such alliance allowes us to provide the most secured terms and conditions in the market, along with the best service and quality.



BioExa and Biotisk Energier have long been in the UCO business, developing vast knowledge and reputation in this market.

What is UCO?

Used cooking oils (UCOs) come mainly from restaurants and food chains. The majority of these waste oils are thrown away as waste, without being treated, with dramatic consequences for the environment.

Alternatively, waste oils can be treated and converted to biodiesel.

We offer UCO according to the following specifications:

Crude UCO:

  • FFA 5% max

  • MIU 2% max

  • IV   80 min

  • Sulfur ppm 40 max

Refined UCO:

  • FFA:2- 3% max

  • M&I: 1% max 

  • IV 90 min

  • Sulfur 30 max 

UCO's origins vary depending on product availability

(Asia, MENA Region or Europe). 

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Together for a greener future


B.E.S. AB was established in early 2017 in Stockholm with the main purpose of introducing, connecting and coordinating bio-energy producers in Europe and by-products base material suppliers around the globe.


Our team operates in the Internationalisation field to create sales networks to all the companies that wish to expand their business. We are able to assist with every aspect of market establishment and development and to solve commercial problems (language communication, legal and contractual aspects, etc..) that a company may face when deciding to operate in a new commercial area. We focus on identifying and retaining new customers, dealers and agent research, in trade-marke visibility and product updates according to the new standards. Our experience, gained in over thirty years work in the field, allows us to contribute quickly and positively to our customers’ approach in the new markets.